Sol·a·bil·i·ty /sōl əˈbilədē/ – The efficient deployment of solar power.

SolAmerica Energy is a leading provider of turnkey solar energy solutions, based in Atlanta, Georgia. It specializes in the development and the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of ground-mount, rooftop, and parking canopy solar systems designed to meet the distributed generations needs of utilities and large commercial and industrial facilities. It relies on best-in-class materials, operational excellence, on-time execution, and highly competitive pricing. Since its founding in 2010, SolAmerica has developed or constructed over 700 MW OF solar projects in 11 states and over 100 counties. Its clients include some of the nation’s largest utilities and independent power producers.

Our Name Says It All

“Sol” traces its roots to the Latin word for Sun which connotes power, life force and eternity; and “America” signifies energy independence and that now is the time for America to rise to a position of leadership in the renewable energy arena. SolAmerica represents a powerful new force in harnessing energy from the sun.